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Software Project Consulting

We offer a broad portfolio of software project consulting services spanning diverse technologies. We solve key business challenges by addressing them with standardized processes. Our expertise is in the areas of project management, Agile consulting, application development, testing, and support and maintenance. As a CMMI V1.2 ML 3-appraised company, we know how to deliver projects at a high quality and value for our clients.

Project Management

We use project management and software engineering methodologies such as RUP, SCRUM, RAD, and JAD. Using our Project Portfolio Management (PPM) portal, a proprietary project management tool which inherits the salient features of CMMI V1.2 ML 3, ISO 9001:2008 and PMI-PMBOK frameworks for managing IT consulting activities, we create consistent project plans and help you to complete your projects on time and within budget. PPM, with its iterative and incremental approach, breaks down your project into four phases and nine disciplines (as per IBM Rational Unified Process), with each phase containing one or more iterations, building schedules, allocating resources, and managing budgets more effectively

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Agile Consulting

The VIVA team has extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the Agile software development practices, their benefits and applicability across various industry verticals. We know that a disciplined Agile delivery is an evolutionary (iterative and incremental) approach that regularly produces high quality solutions in a cost effective manner. It is performed in a highly collaborative environment within an appropriate governance framework with active stakeholder participation to ensure that the team addresses the changing needs of its stakeholders. Disciplined Agile delivery teams provide repeatable results by adopting just the right amount of applicable governance for the environment they are developing.

Our certified SCRUM Masters can assist you to jump-start an Agile environment by performing the following tasks:

  • Facilitate all time-boxed ceremonies such as daily stand up meeting, sprint planning, review/demo and retrospectives
  • Participate in Scrum of Scrums run on a daily basis with other scrum teams to review the daily progress towards the quarterly Ad-hoc releases planned by the business
  • Manage Scrum processes within the organization
  • Remove organizational and team impediments for the scrum team to have maximum productivity from sprint to sprint
  • Participate in release planning with the business and stake holders as part of scaled Agile
  • Coach, mentor and assist team members in meeting the day to day tasks
  • Conduct effective and result oriented scrum retrospectives to ensure knowledge comes out of experience and regular practice of all Scrum/Agile practices
  • Manage team dysfunctions, Motivate team on their strengths, work on areas for improvement
  • Conduct user story grooming session, help and coach teams to write granular stories with effective acceptance criteria
  • Ensure test driven development strategies with a single objective or Scrum metric of “working software”
  • Responsible for reporting team/Scrum metrics to management such as Burn down, Velocity, Epics across Releases
  • Effective user of Agile tool JIRA for Versions/Releases, Epics, story backlogs, sprints, tasks, sub-tasks management
  • Sync up data between various other tools like ALM, usage of various gadgets in JIRA to ensure better productivity is represented to business
  • Participate and provide input for successful run of Scrum practices in organization thru Scrum Community of Practice
  • Established successful practices for new software development and defect management across various ticketing categories
  • Report the Scrum benefits to business and provide inputs to scalability of Agile to business/organization

Mobile and Cloud App Development

VIVA offers complete connected solutions which include mobile, web and cloud components. Each of these components can be customized visually and logically to meet customer requirements. We develop on both the iOS and Android platforms as well as creating their Web counterparts, which we can develop using a range of tools/languages starting from html5/css all the way to reporting dashboards depending on how customized the customer wants it. For applications requiring a server-side backend we offer hosting and database solutions. Some of the technologies we use for the server side and Web UI side include Node.js, AngularJS, jQuery, Google Charts, SQL Server and MongoDB. We create customized salesforce and Office 365 (SharePoint Online) applications for our clients.

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