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Data Cleansing and Enrichment

Data cleansing (often referred to as data scrubbing) is an ongoing activity that is best managed by outsourcing to experts. VIVA has the expertise to support your vision to manage your data cleansing and enrichment goals. Be it a one-time scrub of the master data or ongoing scrubbing of new suppliers, you can count on VIVA for quick and accurate turnaround of the results to help you report the metrics to your executive team.

Data Cleansing

Coupled with our portal architecture team, our data cleansing team works together with your data analysis team not only to cleanse the data by removing duplicates, consolidating related entities, updating demographics, and adding the critical diversity and ethnicity data, we also enrich the records with additional financial and legal information as needed.

Our process includes an automated verification/validation and matching of diversity data though our innovative portal architecture. The records can be matched in minutes and an interim report can be generated for manual analysis and update. We collate and update our matching databases constantly so that our output is current and accurate.

Our value addition in data enrichment includes taxonomy- and location-specific groups such as metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) through our collaboration with multiple third party vendors to increase the usefulness of the resulting data to you.

Spend Data Analytics

Our data cleansing services includes standalone or portal base spend data analytics so that you can get key metrics out of the cleansed data in real time.

Please contact us for additional services and benefits we can offer in this area.