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VIVA has entered into multi-year contracts as a prime vendor with several Government agencies. These contract vehicles help our clients to procure IT services from us directly through task orders. VIVA offers the following benefits to our Government customers:


VIVA has worked with Government agencies, at the city, county, state, and federal levels across the United States since 1999. We are very familiar with government procurement processes, and our government sales team has rich experience in dealing with changing business and technology needs in the public sector.

Pre-awarded Rate Cards

We enable the government buyers to use our competitive rates that are already pre-awarded.

Project Excellence

Our expertise in multiple project engagements with optimized on-time delivery processes results in reduced cost of quality and increased productivity. Further, we can staff the projects with short notice through our resource management team.

Stability and Flexibility

VIVA has an excellent track record, and has won several awards. We accept credit cards, and we work with multiple pricing and delivery models.