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Employee Testimonials

We can give you a list of reasons why VIVA is a great place to work, but we believe that our talented employees say it best. Here is why our employees chose VIVA and why they continue to be a part of the VIVA team:

  • Working with VIVA-IT is not just a consultant - vendor relationship, it is a family relationship. Everyone is involved and invested in my success - from the recruiters to the back office folks. It is a pleasure to know that everyone knows me and knows what I need in a company. They assist me in preparing to meet a client, they are there to assist and advise while I'm working at the client site, and they make sure I have access to other consultants at the client site. That has allowed me to build and extend relationships with those I interact with.

  • VIVA is an excellent organization. As a contract employee, I can surely say that I have been treated well by them from the time they recruited me until today. VIVA USA INC. found me a job with an excellent employer and made sure my salary was top notch. I would recommend VIVA USA INC. to my closest friends. It is a top notch organization, I feel lucky to work for them.

  • The Management and Support staff members at VIVA are outstanding. Any questions or issues are handled promptly and professionally. Along with support and communication, this makes VIVA USA INC. a great place to work

  • I have been employed by VIVA USA INC. and working as a contractor for over a year. I was staffed very quickly by them and was contracted with a client in downtown Chicago where my skill set was matched up perfectly. My staff manager is very responsive and interested in any feedback provided. I would suggest VIVA to any resource that was interested in contract consulting

  • My experience(s) working with VIVA has been very comforting in a lot of ways. The Account Managers keep in touch with your progress and give the best of support if you have any technical or business questions and/or issues. I highly recommend becoming involved with VIVA USA INC. as they are working to be a step above all the other consulting firms.