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Management Profile

Vasanthi has rich experience in running businesses, with expertise in direct sales and marketing, contract negotiations, strategy planning, new business tie-ups and diversification, cash flow management, logistics, customer relationship management, and HR development.

... Vasanthi Ilangovan Founder, President & CEO

She is a focused and aggressive leader with the ability to attract and motivate the best of talent to deliver high quality products and services. She possesses strong sales and marketing experience in the US and international markets, with expertise in developing market acquisition strategies.

She is committed to the growth of the local community. She exemplifies the character of our company in showing integrity and honesty during adversities, and humility and philanthropy during successful times. She sponsors several events in the Chicago region for the uplifting of the poor, eradication of hunger, and access to quality education for everyone. In addition to monetary support, she provides time and resources for such causes directly and through several non-profit organizations. She currently serves as a Board Member on the Chicago Minority Development Council.

Vasanthi has been inducted into the Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame 2011 by the Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies of the University of Illinois at Chicago.